Book production, typesetting, layout and DTP

Whether you have written a book and want to bring it to a wider audience or just want a few copies of your written work to give to your family or friends, we can help. We’re passionate about helping writers get their work in print, so if you’ve written a book or have an idea for one, get in touch!

If you want your book to reach a wider audience, we can help you get it published on the Kindle store and in the iTunes bookstore, making it available to thousands of bookstores worldwide, as well as providing all the copies you need in paperback or hardback to sell or give to your friends.  We’re here to assist at all stages of the publishing process.

We don’t just deal in the written word either.  We can bind your digital photos, paintings or art into a coffee-table book or glossy photo album to make an ideal present for family and friends. Photo books work especially well as wedding gifts – why not give pictures of your special day to your bridesmaids, ushers and guests?

Book production and publishing services

So whether you need help with cover design, proofreading, photography, typesetting, Kindle publishing, marketing services or any other aspect of publishing your book, get in touch!

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