It's an unfortunate state of affairs that every time we pop out for a sandwich, we can't help spotting menus, signs and posters which haven't been properly checked for correct spelling and punctuation. It seems to be the case that sometimes, even the big design firms can't help leaving in greengrocers' apostrophes, mistaking their plurals for their possessives and generally producing all kinds of grammatical howlers. Actually, it gets under our skin a bit.


Another common occurrence is the accidental use of American English spellings where British English would be more appropriate. When you buy a new computer, the default setting for office packages is often US English, which can leave your work incorrectly spelled and punctuated and setting a bad example to others.

If you need an essay or an article comprehensively proofread and checked, come to us to get your punctuation polished up and your spellings sorted out!

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