Convert your old home videos to a shiny new DVD!

Are your wedding day memories trapped inside a dusty old video cassette? Family home videos unplayable because threw out your VHS player?

Help is at hand! We can help you relive those happy moments and share them with your friends all over again.

Converting your old video tapes

Standard service

Our standard service includes a full transfer of your old video to a DVD or preferred digital media player, e.g. iPad, so that you can relive your special occasion in the comfort of your home once more. Your DVD will come in a protective library case, and we'll trim the beginning and end of the film so that it starts and ends neatly. Please note that all DVD transfers may unavoidably inherit any picture interference which may be present in your original recording.

Gold service - for a "director's cut!"

Old home videos have a habit of degrading over time as the tape oxidises, particularly if they haven't been stored well. If the audio quality of your original home video can be improved, we can optionally clean it up to the best possible standard for you. We can re-edit your movie if required, for example to remove awkward cuts and fades in the original, unwanted people walking into shot, your cousin's embarrassing dancefloor moments or the aunt who suddenly turns and stares directly into the camera!

Prices for Gold Service will depend on the amount of work required - contact us for details.

A choice of formats

Once we've transferred your old video, you can choose either receive a copy on DVD or we'll re-encode it for your iPad, tablet computer, media player or any other format.

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