Phineas and the Seat Of Time by Ken Westell

Phineas and the Seat Of Time

Phineas and the Seat Of Time

When young Phineas is invited to look at his Grandad’s new chair, he is whisked away on a fantastic journey which takes him from the shores of the Scottish Highlands to the courts of pre-Renaissance Paris and beyond, uncovering secrets wilder than anything he has ever dreamt. Only one thing can be certain: that there is far more to Grandad’s new chair than meets the eye…

An enjoyable romp through time and history which will appeal to kids aged from about 8 to 13 and to adults with a sense of adventure!

This is the first children’s title written by Southend author Ken Westell, whose other works include the acclaimed adult thriller ‘Death Of A Celtic God’ and an anthology of short stories inspired by his home town of Southend, ‘Tales Of The Town’.

Available for all good e-readers from £2.49 or in paperback, price £8.99 from

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Tales Of The Town review – Southend Evening Echo

Tales of The Town article from Southend Echo. Image © NewsQuest Ltd

Tales of The Town article from Southend Echo – click to enlarge. Image © NewsQuest Ltd

Great little piece in today’s Southend Echo on Ken Westell’s “Tales Of The Town” by writer Tom King:

“Humour runs through Ken like the word Southend in a stick of rock” … “the book could be defined as a love letter to the town.”

Thanks Tom, we were delighted with your feature!

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Tales Of The Town

Tales Of The Town

Tales Of The Town

This third book from Southend journalist Ken Westell is an enthralling anthology containing twenty short stories, all inspired by life, the people and the places of his hometown of Southend-on-Sea, the sunshine seaside capital of Essex. Ken’s tongue-in-cheek tales will delight, amuse, shock and surprise you in equal measure and will appeal to Southenders and non-Southenders alike.

“Humour runs through Ken like the word Southend in a stick of rock”
Tom King, Southend Evening Echo, Sept 2013

259 pages. Published June 2012.

'Tales Of The Town (eBook)' is Available on the iBookstore

The Mechanical Handler by Billy Korth

The Mechanical Handler by Billy Korth

The Mechanical Handler by Billy Korth

“On the wall of the fire station, as in all R.N. fire station garages, there is the biggest red bell in the world. Every morning Air Traffic would test it.  Well, without my knowledge my fire crew taped it.

On one of my last nights’ flying sessions, there I am, half asleep, stretched across a bed, dreaming of better things, when I hear the bell going off. Now, remember at that time of night it is only sounded in an emergency. I ran down the stairs, hopping along as I tried to put on my boots. On arrival in the garage, there was all the crew, lined up and laughing their little heads off.”

David (Bill) Korth joined the Royal Navy as a fifteen-year old boy seaman in 1964, opting for a career in the Fleet Air Arm as an Aircraft Handler, or ‘chockhead’.

Over twenty-five years he served at air stations countrywide, and on most of the old aircraft carriers, namely HMS Ark Royal, HMS Eagle, HMS Hermes and HMS Bulwark. He also saw service, both ashore and afloat, with Naval Air Squadrons 800, 848, 846 and 899. He saw action in the Falklands and in Northern Ireland, and had many detachments to various Royal Fleet Auxiliary Ships. This volume of Billy’s memoirs is a warm collection of stories and anecdotes which will be enjoyed by ‘chockheads’ and non-chockheads alike.

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